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Ready to Vote

When you turn 18, will you be ready to vote?

The civic engagement of young adults—whether in the form of joining community groups, volunteering to help neighbors, or leading grassroots efforts to gain civil rights—is important to the health and performance of democracy. It is also important for personal growth and identity formation during the transition to adulthood.

Education has been shown to have a significant impact on youth civic engagement.

Civic engagement of youth is a classic win-win proposition. Young people benefit from involvement in the civic life of their communities, and their communities become more democratic when youth have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

Educators can play a major role in developing civic engagement among their students. Ready To Vote is designed to help teachers introduce middle and high school students to one of their most important activities as a citizen – voting.

Ready To Vote provides facts about the history of the electoral process, links to election-related and media literacy websites, media literacy lessons, classroom activities and a quiz that tests students’ knowledge about voting. During election years we will offer information about the candidates and issues and provide opportunities for students to post their own election reports. We want students to know their rights as American citizens and exercise them!